Portrait of Me


My name is Bjorn, and I am a Technology Consultant located in Madison, WI. I'm passionate about using technology to bring people together in meaningful and productive ways. I have a background in Game Development, Healthcare, E-commerce, and Artificial Intelligence. I love building and serving creative teams, and facilitating communication and data-driven decision-making within organizations.

Please check out the services I offer below. If I can help you, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks!


Mobile Development

I use .NET MAUI and C# for cross-platform mobile app development. I focus specifically on iOS and Android deployments.

Web Development

I implement full-stack websites using technologies such as ASP.NET, JavaScript, TypeScript, WebAssembly, SASS, Bootstrap, IIS, nginx, and others.

Game Development

I use Unity 3D for cross-platform game development, focusing on Steam integration and online multiplayer functionality.

Backend Infrastructure

I implement secure, cloud-hosted backend services using a variety of technologies. I integrate with databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, and others.

DevOps Consulting

I use TeamCity, TFS, Octopus, and custom Linux scripting to facilitate continuous integration and deployment. I implement automated unit, integration, and UI testing.

E-commerce Consulting

I integrate with payment platforms such as Stripe, Braintree, and Trolley. I facilitate the sale of digital products on Amazon.com.

Scrum and Agile Training

As a certified Professional Scrum Developer from Scrum.org, I assist in applying incremental development techniques within teams.

Organizational Planning

I help define measurable, achievable goals for teams and organizations. I build and manage technical teams by practicing servant leadership.


Haunted Station

Investigate cosmic mysteries in this immersive sci-fi horror-lite game. Face the challenge alone, or gather a team of investigators with online cooperative multiplayer. Survive your mission, and return with answers.

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Spellfort is co-op action RPG, with online multiplayer functionality, wave-based combat, and character enhancement inspired by trading card games. Get a group of friends together, or embark on a solo quest.

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Melody Flight

Melody Flight is a serene and soaring rhythm game. Fly through classical piano music as a spirit in search of musical energy.

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What if Minecraft and Scrabble had a baby? That's what I had in mind for Lexiconjure. Build words, make your way to the top of a 3D puzzle, and collect the golden block.

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