Outside Realm

Outside Realm

Outside Realm LLC is a game development studio and software consultancy in Madison, WI. Our goal is to connect players which each other, in fun and novel ways. Check out our projects below!

Haunted Station

Investigate cosmic mysteries in this immersive sci-fi horror-lite game. Face the challenge alone, or gather a team of investigators with online cooperative multiplayer. Survive your mission, and return with answers. Good luck, and watch your back.


Spellfort is co-op action RPG, with online multiplayer functionality, wave-based combat, and character enhancement inspired by trading card games. Get a group of friends together, or embark on a solo quest. This casual action RPG makes it easy to dive right in with any number of players. You can join at any time, leave any time, and always get some action in. Customize your character with a deck of cards, to ensure that you survive wave after wave of fantastical enemies.

Goblins Never DIE

GOBLINS NEVER DIE is a roguelite horde-battler with simple controls inspired by Vampire Survivors and Pikmin. Enter the combat ritual of Gobogongo. Strengthen your clan. Fuel the bonfire with the skulls of your foes (or friends)! Earn the favor of the shadowy god, ZOOG.

Melody Flight

Melody Flight is a serene and soaring rhythm game. Fly through classical piano music as a spirit in search of musical energy.


What if Minecraft and Scrabble had a baby? That's what I had in mind for Lexiconjure. Build words, make your way to the top of a 3D puzzle, and collect the golden block. Try out the demo and let me know what you think!